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Concept - Product Bulk Operations And Labels


A product manager deals with lots of products and changes different parameters. For example:

  • Change the online status of products
  • Assign products to a catalog category
  • Copy products
  • Assign product/category links etc.

Here the product bulk operations come in handy and provide the functionality to easily perform operations on a set of products or on all products.

Labels and product bulk operations have the same functionality. That is why we decided to reuse the functionality provided by product bulk operations for labels. Also labels could be used to group and other objects like catalogs.



This glossary describes the main terminology used in this document:

Product Bulk OperationAny of the options available when loading the page (Master) Catalog -> Products -> "Edit All"/"Edit Selected"

Differences Between Product Bulk Operations and Labels

The operations provided by the labels feature are the same as the ones of the product bulk operations. Labels work in the same way like product bulk operations and the existing pipelines are reused.

Both feature provide an overview page, which offers an overview of the action parameters and the list of affected items.

In the sections below for both you can see all the screens used for a bulk operation to create a custom attribute for a set of products.

Bulk Operation Update/Create Custom Product Attribute from Products List

On the image below you can see the products list and the buttons used for selecting a bulk operation - Edit Selected and Edit All.

The Step 1: Select Action dialog allows to determine the bulk operation you want to execute.

The image below shows the step of bulk operation to create a new custom attribute.

The Confirm action dialog provides an overview of the bulk operation. Click Finish to start the bulk operation.

The Batch Processes view shows the status of the process and gives access to the log information.

Bulk Operation Update/Create Custom Product Attribute in Labels

Instead of using the product search you may also use the Labels view to run bulk operations on products which have been labeled before.

The link Edit All link in the Labels list allows to run bulk operations on all items a label is attached to.

The following workflow is identical to bulk operations started from the Product List (see Products List for details).

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