Feature List - BI Data Hub Service

1 Introduction

This document describes feature of the BI-Data-Service. The BI Data Service provides various data as output. 

2 Feature List

As this product is a data service, the retrievable data are considered as features. Available are:

  • Order data

  • Product data

  • Order states (are contained in the order data) 

2.1 Order Data

The following data is provided:

2.1.1 Base Order Data

  • First and last name of the buyer

  • Creation date

  • Currency

  • Customer and their ID

  • Document number

  • Total in gross and net and their tax

  • JSON value how it was delivered from Intershop Commerce Management

  • Order state

  • Order URN (the unique identifier for the order including the channel and organization)

  • List of shipping buckets

  • Used payment method

  • Used promotions (e.g. limited tenders like vouchers)

2.1.2 Shipping Bucket Data

  • List of Product Line Items

  • Shipping method id

2.1.3 Product Line Item

  • Name of the product

  • SKU

  • Quantity

  • Single gross and net price

  • Product ID (consists of SKU and channel)

2.1.4 Payment

  • Payment base amount

  • Payment total amount

  • Payment ID

2.1.5 Order States

The order states are delivered via an own Microservice and are taken from Intershop Order Management. You can specify an interval which determines how often the order states are updated.

2.2 Product Data

2.2.1 Base Product Data

  • SKU

  • Name

  • Short description

  • Image link

  • Default category and name

  • The category path of the product (a list)

  • List of assigned categories

  • Creation date (from this Microservice and not from Intershop Commerce Management)

  • Last update (from this Microservice and not from Intershop Commerce Management)

The last two values creation date and last update can be used to check whether a product was available in a specific period of time, for example to calculate the best/slow sellers in this time

2.2.2 Category Path Data

  • Name

  • Path ID

  • URI (for accessing via REST)

2.2.3 Assigned Categories

  • Title

  • URI

3 Accessing the Data

You can access the data with any tool which supports access to the SQL server database. For that you need the server location, the username and the password. These information will be generated while running through the on-boarding process and provided by the R2D2-Team (and later by the Cloud Operations Team).

For example if you want to access the data within Power BI, you can use the DirectQuery.

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