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Video Tutorial - Promotions Part 1 - Promotion Creation (valid to 7.10)


This document replaces the outdated article with the ID 23B366 and the title Video Tutorials: Promotions with Intershop 7.

Promotions are an important marketing instrument with the intention to push the sales and to increase the customer satisfaction. A promotion applies to predefined customer segments, products and time periods. Specific discounts like reduced prices, bonus products, free shipping etc. can be offered via a promotion. This video tutorial gives an introduction to the promotion feature in Intershop 7 and shows how to create a new promotion in the Commerce Management application.

What is a Promotion?

  • Marketing instrument to …
    • Strengthen the relationship to existing consumers
    • Win new consumers
    • Promote the online sales channel
  • Applies for predefined consumer group, products and time period
  • Special discounts like reduces prices, bonus product, free shipment or other special discounts can be offered
  • Different kind of promotions are possible:
    • Reduced prices applies independent of special rules related to consumer groups or basket items
    • Discount related to consumer groups and basket items
    • Discount that applies with coupons only


  • 10 % Discount
  • Buy 3 Products of a specific Category or
  • Get a minimum order value of 50 USD
  • Promotion Code


Video Tutorial



  1. Defining the promotion characteristics
  2. Choosing a target group
  3. Defining a promotion code
  4. Defining the discount rules
  5. Testing the promotion in the design view


Define the Promotion Characteristics

  1. Go to the inTRONICS channel.
  2. Go to Marketing | Promotions.
  3. Click New to create a new promotion.

    In newer ICM versions, a new promotion can be created by clicking New | Customized Promotion.

  4. Enter the Name, ID and Description.
  5. Set the promotion to Active by selecting the corresponding checkbox.

    In newer ICM versions, the checkbox Active is renamed to Enabled.

  6. Define the Priority by either selecting Default Priority or Specific Priority.

    Click Show Default Priorities to get an overview about the recommended settings. The priority defines the order in which the promotions are listed in the web store. The promotion with the highest priority comes first. If there are more promotions with the same priority, their start dates are taken into consideration. The newest promotion comes first. However, if their start dates are also identical, the promotion IDs are relevant which are sorted ascendingly.

  7. Select the online shops on which the promotion should be running under Application.
  8. Select the calculation type under Calculation.
  9. Select free combinable as Combination to be flexible in the presentation of the promotion.

    In newer ICM versions, free combinable is renamed to freely combinable.

    The combination of promotions is a very complex topic. To understand the relation between free combinable, not combinable and combinable with the following promotion types, please refer to Concept - Promotion Priority and Combination.

  10. Define the Start Date and the End Date of the promotion in the Activation section.

    The activation period has an influence on other functionalities of a promotion.

  11. Select Budget Amount in the Budget section and enter $1000.

    Users with sessions that started before the promotion budget was exceeded will still be able to get the promotion, even if the budget is already spent.

  12. Select Take promotion offline when exceeded.

    The promotions will only go offline automatically if this checkbox is checked. Otherwise, it will continue to be active and only the information emails will be sent to the responsible person.

  13. Add the email of the promotion manager under Send a notification email to and select when budget amount is exceeded.

  14. Click Apply.

Choose a Target Group

  1. Switch to the tab Target Group.
  2. Click on New under Consumer Groups.

    In newer ICM versions, Consumer Groups is renamed to Customer Segments and the New Button is replaced by an Assign button.

  3. Select Everyone and click on Apply.

    In newer ICM versions, the New Button is replaced by an Assign button.

    A promotion can be oriented to one or more target groups. In consumer channels, the target group of a promotion can be a special consumer group, for example, all regular consumers or individually selected consumers that are registered within the consumer channel. Promotions can also be targeted at consumer groups associated with affiliate partners or affiliate partner programs.

Define a Promotion Code

  1. Switch to the tab Promotion Code.
  2. Select Promotion Code Required and click Apply.
  3. Select Use single Promotion Code and enter the promotion code REOPENING.
  4. Set Code Reuse per Customer as well as Total Reuse per Code to unlimited.

    It is also possible to assign promotion code groups by selecting Use Promotion Code Group(s). For further information, please take a look at Concept - Promotion Codes.

  5. Click Apply under Promotion Code Configuration.

Define the Discount Rules

  1. Switch to the tab Discount Rules.

    Discount rules determine the benefit offered to the members of the promotion's target group. Each discount rule specifies a condition and an action to be triggered in case the condition has been met. Managing discount rules involves creating (if necessary), editing and deleting discount rules.

  2. Click New in the Promotion Condition section.
  3. Select Item as Type and click Apply right next to it.
  4. Select Item Inclusion/Exclusions as Condition and click Apply right next to it.
  5. Select Include Categories.
  6. Select a category, for example, by clicking on Add via Browse.

    In newer ICM versions, the Add via Browse Button is replaced by an Assign via Browse button.

  7. Select Potted Plants and click on Next >>.

    In newer ICM versions, simply select the desired catalogs and/or categories, click on OK and continue with step 9.

  8. Select Potted Plants and click on Finish.

  9. Click on << Back to Discount Rules.
  10. Click OK.
  11. To define another promotion condition, click New in the Promotion Condition section.
  12. Select Item as Type and click Apply right next to it.
  13. Select Minimum Number of Items Defined in Item Inclusions as Condition and click Apply right next to it.
  14. Select 3 as Minimum Number and click OK.
  15. Click Close to finish the first promotion condition.

    In newer ICM versions, this step is no longer necessary.

  16. Select the created promotion conditions and click on Group.

    Conditions can be grouped with a connection type, such as AND or OR. This is recommended if some conditions are linked in a manner to trigger a promotion. In our example, 3 products must be in connection to the included category, so they must be grouped with an AND condition type.

  17. To define another promotion condition, click New in the Promotion Condition section.
  18. Select Order as Type and click on Apply right next to it.
  19. Select Minimum Order Value as Condition and click Apply right next to it.
  20. Enter 50 as Value($) and click on OK.
  21. Switch the relation between the newly created promotion condition and the previously created promotion conditions to OR since only one condition needs to be active to use the promotion code.
  22. Click on Apply right under the condition.

    The structured chart of the relations can be found under Chart in a shot form.

  23. Click New in the Promotion Discount section.
  24. Select Order as Type and click on Apply right next to it.
  25. Select Order Percentage Off as Trigger and click on Apply right next to it.
  26. Select 10 as Amount(%).
  27. Select Limit to max ($) and enter 100.00.
  28. Set the Max discounts per order to grant to 1 and click on OK.
  29. Click Apply in the Promotion Discount section.

Test the Promotion in the Design View

  1. Go to Promotions under Marketing.
  2. Click the Icon in the column Actions for the newly created promotion to open the design view for it.
  3. Add 3 products of a valid category to the shopping cart to trigger one of the previously defined discount rules.
  4. Go to the shopping cart.
  5. Enter the promotion code REOPENING and click on Apply.

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