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Video Tutorial - Promotions Part 4 - Promotion Detail Text (valid to 7.10)


This document replaces the outdated article with the ID 23B366 and the title Video Tutorials: Promotions with Intershop 7.

Promotions are an important marketing instrument with the intention to push the sales and to increase the customer satisfaction. A promotion applies to predefined customer segments, products and time periods. Specific discounts like reduced prices, bonus products, free shipping etc. can be offered via a promotion. This video tutorial gives an introduction to the promotion detail text and shows how to configure it.

What is a Promotion Detail Text?

  • Container, visible in the upper part of the Storefront

  • Various promotion information can be implemented
  • Push marketing campaigns


  • Include promotion title
  • Define popup detail message
  • Connect content with promotion
  • Out of Design View


Video Tutorial



  1. Inserting a title
  2. Inserting a detail popup message
  3. Connecting the content with the promotion
  4. Checking the connection


Insert a Title

  1. Go to the inTRONICS channel.
  2. Go to Marketing | Promotions.
  3. Open the design view of the promotion, used in the previous parts of this tutorial series, by clicking on the icon under Actions.
  4. Click on the Inspect button to select the promotion container Container - Promotion.
  5. Open the container in the content structure tree and select the Content Group Slot.

    In newer ICM versions, select the slot where the promotion detail text should be visible. To make the slot editable, Overwrite needs to be clicked.

  6. Click New in the content edit area.
  7. Enter a name for the component under Name.
  8. Select Common - Title as the Template, because the slot is within a common section of the standard home page.

    In newer ICM versions, the template Common - Title is no longer available. It is possible to use the template Free Style HTML instead.

  9. Click OK and then Apply.
  10. Enter the Title, select the Title Type and click on Apply.

    If you are using the template Free Style HTML, simply add the title in the text box under HTML and click Apply instead.

  11. Close the window and take a look at the result. A new component was added to the content group slot and its information is visible in the container of the storefront.

Define a Detail Popup Message

  1. Click New in the content edit area.
  2. Enter a name for the component under Name.
  3. Select Common - Advanced Tooltip as the Template.

    In newer ICM versions, the template Common - Advanced Tooltip is no longer available.

  4. Click OK and then Apply.
  5. Enter the Title and select Downward Arrow.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. Close the window and take a look at the result. A new component was added to the content group slot and its information is visible in the container of the storefront.

    The priority can be changed by using the drag and drop function of the content structure tree.

  8. Open the component for the advanced tooltip and select its Content Group Slot.

    The promotion information, which will be included in the popup message, must be defined here.

  9. Click New in the content edit area.
  10. Enter a name for the component under Name.
  11. Select Common - Freestyle HTML Text as Template.

    In newer ICM versions, the template Common - Freestyle HTML is renamed to Free Style HTML.

  12. Click OK and then Apply.
  13. Fill the text box with promotion information.

  14. Click Apply, close the window and take a final look at the result. 

Connect the Content With the Promotion

  1. Select the Content Group Slot components of the Container - Promotion and assign the promotion.

    Only the title component and the advanced tooltip component must be connected with the promotion.

  2. Therefore, switch to the tab Properties and click on the Assign... button under Promotion.

    In newer ICM versions, this configuration cannot be done here. Instead, the components need to be connected to the promotion through the data view. For that, please do the following steps:

    1. Click on Data View.
    2. Open Marketing | Promotions.
    3. Open the promotion.
    4. Switch to the tab Content.
    5. Click on the Assign button in the Components section.
    6. Select the newly created components and click on Finish.
    7. Continue with Check the Connection.
  3. Select the promotion and click on Assign.
  4. Click on Save. The promotion banner is now ready to be visible as long as the promotion duration has been set.

Check the Connection

  1. Change the current date of the Intershop 7 design view by clicking on the settings icon next to Design View.
  2. Select Fixed as Date/Time.
  3. Enter a time outside the specified promotion duration.
  4. Click on Apply & Refresh.

    In newer ICM versions, the Apply & Refresh button is replaced with an OK button.

  5. To check the assignments between the promotion and detail text, go to Data View.
  6. Go to Marketing | Promotions.
  7. Open the promotion.
  8. Switch to the tab Content.
  9. The components should be connected to the promotion according to the promotion duration.
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