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Guide - Azure DevOps for Intershop Commerce Platform Projects


Intershop recommends Azure DevOps as tooling to support the CI processes. A project-ready Azure DevOps environment can be provided by Intershop. It already contains a Git repository with the Responsive Blueprint Store and the necessary build pipelines. Also boards for agile management are included in Azure DevOps.

This way professional project development can be started right away without the need to set it up manually.


Quick Developer Setup

Clone the Source Code of the Project

The Blueprint project with all necessary cartridges is provided in an Azure DevOps Git repository when Intershop sets up the project.

This repository must be cloned to the developer machine:

Cloning the Repository

git clone

You can either set a password for the Git account or provide your public key. 

Add Developer Specific Configuration

Edit the file based on you local configuration, e.g.,

  • Set database connection

  • Set path to the license file

Provide the file containing the development specific configurations, e.g.,

  • Check source

  • Pre-loading

See also Cookbook - Gradle Developer Workflow.

Build and Deploy the Project Locally

Run the following commands to build and deploy the project:

Build and Deploy the Project

gradlew enableHotCodeReloading
gradlew publish
gradlew deployServer

Push Local Changes and Trigger CI Build

As soon as you have pushed your local changes to the Azure DevOps Git repository, the CI Build pipeline will be started.

See also Concept - Continuous Delivery Tools (valid to 7.10).

Trigger Release Build

To trigger a release build that publishes the binaries release with a specific version of the Nexus binary repository, you just need to add a release label in form of a git tag.


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