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Reference - IOM Document Creation Business Process

1 Introduction

This document is part of the IOM Business Processes and is aimed at project developers.

It explains in detail the IOM Document Creation Business Process and its included sub-processes.


2 The IOM Document Creation Process


The Document Creation Process creates different types of documents (PDF), e.g., invoices and credit notes, return labels, etc.

Starting with capturing a transmission from another business process of type CREATE_DOCUMENT, a document business object will be created that will manage the complete document creation process. This mainly includes the creation, the storage, and submission of a document to a 3rd party system.


The Document Creation Process starts when receiving a transmission object of type CREATE_DOCUMENT and ends normally with a created document (PDF). Additionally, the document can be sent to a 3rd party system.
The process ends by reaching one of the order statuses CHECKED or TRANSMISSIONED. Refer to IOM Document Status Model, IOM Document Transmission Status Model. For transmission types, see Reference - IOM Database Documentation TransmissionTypeDefDO and Reference - IOM REST API - Transmissions 1.1 or later.

Flow Diagram

  1. Receive transmission of type CREATE_DOCUMENT receives a transmission type CREATE_DOCUMENT and initiates the document creation process.

  2. Create document objects. According to the configuration of the received transmission and the configuration of the document transformation, the individual document objects for the different document types are created to initiate the creation process for each document type. Using the document transformation configuration, it is possible to define one or more document types in different formats and layouts for each transmission type and sales channel, and fulfillment channel combination.

  3. Set document actions CREATE, SAVE, and SENT. The actions CREATE, SAVE, and SENT are controlling the processing steps during the document creation process. It is possible to create new documents, send existing documents or control the process if documents should be sent or are available only locally.

  4. Action CREATE? Checks if the action CREATE is set for the document to create the document.

    1. YES: The document must be created.

    2. NO: The document will not be created.

  5. Create document creates the document according to the document transformation configuration and a given stylesheet. Overview - IOM Document Creation

  6. Action SAVE? Checks if the action SAVE is set for the document to store the document in the file system.

    1. YES: The document must be saved to the file system.

    2. NO: The document will not be saved to the file system.

  7. Save document to file system stores the created document to the file system.

  8. Action SENT? Checks if the action SENT is set for the document to transfer the document to a 3rd party system.

    1. YES: The document must be passed to a 3rd party system.

    2. NO: The document must not be passed to a 3rd party system.

  9. Check document status checks whether the document is validated or not.

    1. YES: The document has been validated and the status CHECKED is set. Refer to IOM Document Status Model.

    2. NO: The document is in status INITIAL and must be validated.

  10. Validate document validates the document against pre-defined business rules.

    1. OK: The validation was successful.

    2. NO: The validation failed.

  11. Set document status CHECKED sets the status of the document to CHECKED to indicate that the document has been successfully validated.

  12. Set document state to NOT_CHECKED sets the status of the document to NOT_CHECKED to indicate that the validation of the document has failed.

  13. Handle errors

  14. Create document transmission creates a document transmission to initiate the transmission process of the document to a 3rd party system.

  15. Process document transmission and send document is processed according the document transmission configuration and the document is sent to a 3rd party system.


In case of exceptions, the processing stops and the errors must be solved. After the errors have been solved, the process is continued automatically by the control app.


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