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Concept - IOM Quartz Jobs


Intershop Order Management (IOM) has the ability to configure and run time based jobs with the help of the integrated Quartz job scheduling library. This document describes the basic concepts. The target audiences are partners, consultants and developers.

In a nutshell, the main idea behind job scheduling is:

  • To define/configure what should be done and
  • To define/configure when it should be done (once at a specified point in time resp. repeatedly at a specified point in time)

in order to automate processes.




IOMThe abbreviation for Intershop Order Management
QuartzAn open source job scheduling library


Usage of Time-based Quartz Jobs in the IOM

The following section lists the main tasks of Quartz jobs in the context of IOM.

Trigger Jobs for Self-healing of Technical Failures

The IOM uses asynchronous business processes that are initially triggered by:

  • Users via the graphical user interface
  • External systems via interface
  • The application itself
  • And more

For various technical reasons, such business processes can abort unexpectedly. The jobs are responsible for resuming the processing of pending business processes (or single tasks of them), in order to finish them.

For details please see the jobs of the POST_PROCESSING_* and the TRANSMISSION_RETRY job groups in Reference - IOM Quartz Jobs.

Trigger Jobs for the Import and Export of Data

There are jobs, that trigger the import resp. export of various data (e. g., articles, customers, orders).

For details please see the jobs of the IMPEX_* job groups in Reference - IOM Quartz Jobs.

Trigger Jobs for Business Operation Tasks

There are jobs, that trigger simple business operation tasks like sending payment reminder e-mails or checking for expiring credit cards, etc.

For details please see the jobs of the BUSINESS_OPERATION_* job groups in Reference - IOM Quartz Jobs.

Trigger Jobs for Validation Tasks

There is a single job in the VALIDATE_PCM job group, that triggers the validation of existing process control configurations.

For details please see the jobs of the VALIDATE_PCM job group in Reference - IOM Quartz Jobs.

Trigger the IOM Job Framework

By the default configuration, a single job in the JOB_FRAMEWORK job group triggers the IOM Job Framework.


In order to use the Quartz job scheduling provided by the Intershop Order Management (IOM) at least two configuration files are required within the $VAR/etc folder. These are:

File nameUsage
quartz-cluster.propertiesbasic scheduling configuration
quartz-jobs-cluster.xmldetailed job and trigger configuration

By default, after the initial setup of the IOM, both configurations already exist with a working set of configurations.

Basic Scheduling Configuration

The basic scheduling configuration is required to define a single scheduling instance. The corresponding file must be named, has to be located in the OMS_ETC directory and is used after the startup of the bakery.control-app-$OMS_VERSION.ear artifact to instantiate the scheduling instance. By default, that single clustering scheduling instance is configured to use the detailed job and triggering configuration file (quartz-jobs-cluster.xml) to schedule a working set of time-based jobs. For further details please see the Quartz Configuration Reference.

Detailed Job and Trigger Configuration

For further details please see the Reference - IOM Quartz Jobs, the Cookbook - IOM Quartz Jobs and the Quartz Cookbook - Initializing Job Data With Scheduler Initialization.

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