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Intershop Progressive Web App
Public Release Note - Intershop Progressive Web App 4.1


Welcome to Intershop Progressive Web App 4.1.

This public release note contains information about the latest features of the Intershop Progressive Web App. In addition, it serves as a quick reference for the latest documentation.

What's New?


  • Add Address Doctor integration (#1337) (28eb2ce)
  • Introduce FeatureEventService as addition to the FeatureToggleService (c5973ac)
  • Fetch anonymous user token only on basket creation when no apiToken is available (a16501f)
  • Improve token endpoint handling (2aa15ba)
  • OCI punchout configuration (#1431) (dfc19ac)
  • Load extra configuration from Configuration CMS component for dynamic storefront configuration (#1427) (f50671a)
  • Make the 'b2c' theme a configurable theme dynamically customizable with CSS custom properties (#1427) (849ebc1)
  • Add "accept only essential" cookies to Cookie Consent banner (#1430) (34d138c)
  • Accessibility improvements - Lighthouse report (#1405) (4e38080)
  • Add domService for DOM manipulations (3232241)

Intershop Progressive Web AppIntershop Commerce Management B2C/B2X


For more details about the release, refer to the following documents:

Refer to the following documentation for more information on how to work/develop with the Angular-based storefront project:

Fixed Defects

  • Handle failing basket fetching for anonymous ICM apiToken without an assigned basket (a55751f)
  • Product variation master facet selection does not work for non-string filters (#1439, #1449) (94967fa)
  • Parameters ;loc and ;cur may overlook server configuration (ff102e3)
  • Save company name(s) at address after B2B customer registration (#1444) (4d81e6b)
  • Force a name attribute on radio inputs (#1435) (a8f0817)
  • 'ishIntersectionObserver' emits 'NotVisible' events when target element moves out of viewport (#1433) (237a1a8)
  • Use 'stepQuantitiy' instead of 'stepOrderQuantity' to fetch the correct data in product listings (#1432) (bd20419)
  • Add promotion code encoding to the REST call for promotion code removal (#1428) (db1860d)
  • Adapt 'addGlobalGuard' function to work with functional guards (#1425) (2bf9828)
  • Add items to basket with common shipping method (#1419) (6ee9909)
  • Identity Provider init() should be triggered async (#1415) (61c4b0f)

Performance Improvements

  • Textarea description wrapper triggers to much changes (#1438) (7cd3933)


  • Add Configurable Theme documentation (#1427) (7a48e20)
  • Added "Disabling the Integrated Cookie Consent Handling" documentation (38f3751)
  • Extend logging documentation for logging to an external device (#1417) (20f75a2)

Breaking Changes

  • The /token endpoint handling was improved (see Migrations / 4.0 to 4.1 for more details).
  • The ishIntersectionObserver returns NotVisible status now too (see Migrations / 4.0 to 4.1 for more details).
  • The two standard themes b2b and b2c where refactored in such a way that the b2c theme could be changed into a configurable theme (see Migrations / 4.0 to 4.1 for more details).

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